Welcome to Godavari

We are a purely vegetarian restaurant offering traditional South Indian food with an Andhra twist. Andhra cuisine is known to be one among the spiciest and most flavorful of the various regional cuisines of South India. We are best known for our Avakaya (Traditional spicy mango pickle), fresh vegetable chutneys traditionally ground in a mortar and pestle, and a wide variety of flavorful biryanis. The uniqueness of Andhra cuisine comes from the fact that it derives its influences not only from its neighbouring South Indian states but also from the western and central parts of India. A wide variety of spice and lentil powders like Karampodi, Putnala Podi, Karivepaku Podi and many more form the core of Andhra cuisine. It is also known for extensive use of tamarind and green chillies which give it the characteristic spicy and tangy flavors. At Godavari, we use recipes that have been

handed down generations. Although we started our journey with recipes from our grandmothers kitchen, a lot of families from all parts of India have been gracious enough to share their family recipes with us during our travels and interactions with them. Our goal is to treat our customers to authentic home cooked south Indian food. We want this restaurant to be their home away from home and want them to relive their childhood memories of their grandmothers cooking delicious meals for them.







We are conveniently located in the heart of Brampton Downtown steps away from Go Bus Terminal. We are a spacious 4000 square foot restaurant with an indoor seating for 180 guests and an specious outdoor Patio seating for 35 guests. We take our customer comfort very seriously. To that effect we have put in place a specious seating plan and efficient customer service, our goal is to minimize the table wait times to bare minimum